Web Development


The Chicago public art map and database is an interactive tool that invites users to upload picutes of the art we see everyday in the street, from the ephemeral to the concrete. We encourage users to define what art means to them, take a picture, write a description, record the location, and enter it onto our google map for all to see.

ChiPubArt was developed alongside Cory Miljour, and Helen Smith. I came up with the concept, designed the UI, and configured the google maps API.

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Moodsic is a mood enhancing app using Music playlists from the Deezer, and real time weather from Dark Sky API to generate the backgrounds. Choose from 5 moods: angry, sad, bored, sleepy, romantic, or happy and we'll supply you with the playlist to get you there. We designed the app with accessibility in mind and achieved full CUD compliance, and partial AA compliance. You'll need a free Deezer account to fully utilize the app.

The concept and site was designed with a team comprised of Helen Smith, Cory Miljour, and Jonathan Thompson. I helped configure the Deezer, and Dark Sky API, and javascript.

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A simple wordpress website for a dog walking company in the South Loop of Chicago.

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Femme Fatale Hangman

A hangman style game that starts out with 0 wins, 0 losses, and 7 guesses. Which femme fatale is it? Start guessing letters to find out.

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Trivia Game

How well do you know utensils? Test your knowledge by answering 10 multiple choice questions in 45 seconds to find out!

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Cartoon Gif Search Engine

Using the giphy API, pick a cartoon from the list or search for your own to generate 10 gifs.

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Crystal Collector

a jQuery game similar to blackjack. Click on the crystals to see what they are worth, they will add up in your total score. The number to match is in the green circle. If you go over that number, you lose, and a loss is recorded. If you match the number you win, and a win is recorded.

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